The "Original Saddle Seat"

I came up with the idea for the "Original Saddle Seat" as a result of my own need for a comfortable support system while paddling or traveling solo. Like most paddlers I know, I cannot kneel on my heels for an hour or more and expect to be able to walk anytime soon upon arriving at the shore or portage. As I thought about all the possibilities for a wooden solo thwart, it came to me. Tom, you are a leather worker, make it out of flexible leather! I fashioned a crude prototype and took it down to the river for a trial, there I discovered that I created the most comfortable, supporting solo seat I had ever used! In the next few weeks Iworked and reworked the design, until I was satisfied that it was ergonomically comfortable, had structural integrity, was adaptable to all open rail canoes and looked aesthetically great in a wooden canoe. Since its inception, we have delivered over 100 seats to paddlers around the world and continue to receive notes and calls thanking us and praising its attributes.
All seats are stamped with our Company Name and given a serial number and date which is registed in our log book. The seat is guaranteed for life and encouraged to be passed down for generations. There are always those who copy good ideas, but why not own "The Original."

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