The 3-4 Man Campfire Tent

When Bill Mason, famous traveler and artist endorsed this tent, he knew from experience, what he was talking about. The tent virtually offers the traveler a home-away-from-home. After a long day of traveling or exploring, this tent is a really welcomed sight. Spacious enough inside to stand in, with an entrance way equally as big to store all your gear without crowding your sleeping space. The sewn in floor and no-see'um zippered prevent uninvited biting guests, but allow a floor to ceiling view of whatever scene you are lucky enough to be enjoying. Add a front cover with smoke hole for a stove and enjoy warmth on those early spring or late fall trips. Made of 10oz. Sunforager flame resistant canvas you'll be cozy while trying to figure out ways to stay longer...or not go back at all!

Dimension: Total Size 13'6"x7' - Sleeping area 7'x7' Center Height 6'6"

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