The Way it Always Was...
That's right Northwoods Traveler, there is still a place in the world where people believe in and masterfully construct canvas tents and packs. Our friends at Frost River have a long history of doing just that.

The old timers whom we read about and so often admire for their amazing journeys, all used canvas tents and packs, primarily because it was all that was sensible and available at the time. These travelers of the past often spoke of the comfort, durability and aesthetic qualities of their outfits. Unlike their balloon colored modern day counterparts, blend in with the beauty of nature, and are passed down from generation to generation. Imagine receiving as a gift Grandpa's old #7 perfectly broken in, the leather straps and waxed canvas all soft and supple from years of portaging and travel and packed full of its history and adventures. Start breaking in a piece of your own family's history now. Choose the gear that's right for you:

The "Azland" Nessmuk Pack

The Lewis & Clark Pack

3-4 Man Campfire Tent

#3 Pack

Canoe Thwart/Bow Bag

Utensil Kit

#7 Pack

Paddle Bag

2 Man Campfire Tent

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Please Note: Our Canvas Packs are Currently Unavailable