The 16' "White Wanderer"
is a canoe that truly captures the essence of the 1800's. With its shallow draft of 11" and its beautifully continuous sheer rising to its small curved decks, the White Wanderer skims along a pond, early in the morning, as first light appears looking like poetry in motion. The White Wanderer's beauty is not its only attribute. Its beautifully honed Maliseet hull offers good stability and handles exceptionally well, making it suitable for tandem, and especially suitable for solo paddling. Many custom details go into the White Wanderer including the finest wood selection, delicate hand shaped, arched thwarts, the "Azland" signature interior and exterior finishing process, with personalized detailing available. All this for a 16 footer that weighs in at about 50lbs (without seats). Come and Paddle the White Wanderer and feel the oneness between you and the water.

Please call for current pricing.

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